Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Crowd-sourcing and bounties for defense

A little different post than I've done in the past, but I thought it would be interesting to the larger offensive/defensive cyber communities and too long form for Linkedin or Twitter. I'm an advisor to a company called 418 Intelligence, which is run by a friend of mine named Mark Jaster. They are trying to provide a platform that allows companies to move beyond bug bounties and actually crowd sourcing threat hunting/anomaly detection. They're just now opening up the platform to the community, I think it's worth checking out as I think there's upside for the individuals and for companies and room to grow/expand. I'd love to hear what people think of their approach, and would incorporate any positive or negative feedback you have back to them.

Here's the invitation:

If you have skills in analyzing logs and pcap files here is an opportunity to join the first cyber professionals testing a new community platform, supported by DHS, designed to incentivize and crowdsource better defense and insights on what methods are working. If testing and shaping this vision sounds interesting, sign-up to participate as a tester of the alpha release of the FOURSight DEF3NSE cyber defense crowdsourcing platform from FOUR18 Intelligence. This release operates a three-round live simulation game of an intrusion where you analyze artifacts and bet points with other players on what is happening and how to defend against it. It then transitions into crowdsourcing countermeasures against a known attacker group executing the same attack playbook in the real world.  The sign up form can be found here: FOURSight DEF3NSE Pre-registration Form.

FOURSight DEF3NSE is the first online community and marketplace for cyber defenders and decision makers to directly connect and incentivize crowdsourcing better defense and network resilience against cyberattacks. The system uses a unique, gamified and incentivized "wisdom-of-the-crowd" betting experience to crowdsource fast and accurate assessments of cyber risks and countermeasures, and it is designed to pay-off participants by creating a market for this information, including what will be the first-ever bounties for breach hunting. If the vision of bounty-hunting for attackers, or of testing what you know and winning pay-offs by predicting how successfully a countermeasure will perform against an attack sounds interesting, please join others in testing the platform and helping the designers make it great.

Once you register you will receive orientation materials explaining the system further, and an update on the testing schedule, but if you have any questions you can contact the team at